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Discover Borg Woodwork Designs' Latest Projects February 2024

At Borg Woodwork Designs, our ethos revolves around seamlessly merging the timeless allure of nature with the demands of contemporary living. Through meticulous craftsmanship, we endeavour to craft pieces that not only serve a practical purpose but also exude an enduring aesthetic appeal.

Our current endeavours showcase this commitment to excellence.

The Bespoke Elm Resin Breakfast Bar

This bespoke Elm resin breakfast bar, where the warmth of natural browns harmonises with the captivating allure of resin. We're eagerly awaiting our client's feedback on the resin colour, having provided them with samples to ensure their vision aligns perfectly with the final result.

The Sustainable Oak Tree Outdoor Table

The narrative begins with a client's desire to find a purpose for the stump of an oak tree —a true testament to sustainability and repurposing.

Recognising the significance of this resilient piece of nature, the client has entrusted Borg Woodwork Designs with a noble task: to breathe new life into the oak's weathered remains.

Despite the melancholy of the tree's demise, its legacy lives on as a striking centrepiece for outdoor gatherings. Topped with a generous 10mm glass surface, this British-made table promises ample space for communal enjoyment, meticulously prepared to withstand the whims of our unpredictable climate.

The Refurbished Vintage Rocking Chairs

A poignant endeavour close to my heart involves the restoration of vintage rocking chairs—a tribute to craftsmanship of eras past. Each chair undergoes a meticulous revival process, from meticulous sanding to a fresh coat of varnish and revamped upholstery, ensuring its timeless elegance is preserved for generations to come.

As these projects unfold, I'm excited to share their journey with you. Stay tuned for updates as we bring these visions to life.

Warm regards,

Shane Borg

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