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Worldwide Installation

The Full Story

Welcome to Shane Borg’s  world of bespoke furniture, where creativity knows no boundaries. With a passion for crafting unique pieces that transcend geographical limits, my work has found its place in diverse homes and spaces worldwide. From bustling urban environments to serene countryside retreats, my furniture is designed to complement any setting.

Our Global Presence

As a testament to my commitment to excellence, I've had the privilege of working with clients from various parts of the world. The universal appeal of my furniture lies in its ability to harmonise with different cultures and design sensibilities.

Customised Solutions for Any Locale

Understanding the unique demands of different locations, I specialize in providing customized solutions that consider both the aesthetic and functional requirements of a space. Whether you're in a vibrant city or a tranquil natural environment, my furniture is adaptable to your needs, promising a seamless integration into your lifestyle.

International Collaborations

Collaboration knows no bounds, and I've had the pleasure of working alongside talented architects, interior designers, and clients from various backgrounds. This global perspective enriches the creative process, resulting in pieces that embody a rich tapestry of influences from around the world.

Transforming Spaces, One Project at a Time

Join me on a journey that transcends borders, where each piece of furniture is not just a functional addition but a work of art that enhances the beauty of its surroundings. Explore my portfolio and envision how my creations can transform your space, no matter where in the world you call home.

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